29 agosto 2007
Tras el papel, la TV comienza a sufrir seriamente el impacto de internet

Cada vez más datos y pistas lo confirman:

Nielsen Finds Drop In TV Usage Is Real, Not Methodological, Impact Greatest Among HeavyViewers, Media Daily News, 27/08/200

Vint Cerf, aka the godfather of the net, predicts the end of TV as we know it, The Guardian, 27/08/2007

In Europe, a Push by Phone Companies Into TV, The New York Times, 29/08/2007

Fall preview, '07-style. New media, new ideas tout shows, The Hollywod Reporter, 27/08/2007

Sin embargo...

TV, radio look for record ad money in election, Reuters, 24/08/2007

New Media Lag Communication Impact Of TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Media Daily News, 23/08/2007


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